Licenses / Certificate Department of Issue
Reference of the construction licenses by Deson Development Limited
Registered General Building Contractor in Hong Kong Buildings Department
Registered Specialist Contractor (Foundation Works Category) Buildings Department
Registered Specialist Contractor (Site Formation Works Category) Buildings Department
List of Approved Contractors for Public Works in Group C under the “Buildings” Category Works Branch Development Bureau
Turn-key Interior Design and Fitting-out Works (Group II) on List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works” Works Branch Development Bureau
ISO 9001 : 2015 CC 922 : Construction of buildings Interior decoration and fitting out works including building services installation HKQAA
Subcontractor Registration Scheme – Registered Subcontractor Construction Industry Council
Institutional Member HKGBC
Certificate and Qualifications of Kenworth Engineering Limited
List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works Works Branch Development Bureau
Air-conditioning Installation (Group II)
Broadcast Reception Installation
Diesel Generator Installation
Electrical and Mechanical Installation for Sewage Treatment and Screening Plant
Electrical Installation (Group III)
Electronic Timing and Display Installation – On Probation
Fire Services Installation (Group II)
Industrial Type Electrical Installation
Radio Electronics Installation
Supply and Installation of Pumpsets and Associated Pipework
Video Electronics Installation – On Probation
Certificate of Registration of Electrical Contractor Registration No.: 002499 Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Registered Fire Services Installation Contractor
Class 1 – (RC1/29)
Class 2 – (RC2/89)
Class 3 – (RC3/583)
Hong Kong Fire Services Department
Certificate of Registration of Specialist Contractor (Ventilation) Registration No.: SC(V) 46/2000 Buildings Department
Radio Dealers License (Unrestricted) issued under Telecommunication Ordinance (Chapter 106) Licence No.: RU0055067-RU Office of The Telecommunications Authority
Radioactive Substances Licence issued under Radiation Ordinance (Chapter 303) Licence No.: 10736-0001-ZS-0009 Radiation Board
Security Company Licence Category III issued under Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (Cap. 460) Licence No.: 0568 Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority
Registered Minor Works Contractor (Company) – Types E (works relating to Structures for amenities) Class III Registration No. MWC 3100/2011 Buildings Department
Voluntary Subcontractor Registration Scheme Licence No.: R000717 Construction Industry Council
03.01 Broadcast Reception Installation
03.03 Diesel Generator Installation
03.04 Electrical
03.05 E&M Installation for Sewage Treatment
03.06 Fire Services Installation
03.08 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning
03.09 Industrial Type Electrical Installation
03.15 Plumbing
03.17 Supply and Installation of Pumpsets and Associated Equipment
03.21 Other E&M Trades
03.21.01 Security and communication system
03.21.98 Radio Electronic Installation
03.21.99 Electronic Timing & Display Installation
03.22 Audio and Video Electronic Equipment
(● Specialist)
ISO 9001:2015
CC257 : System design of sewage treatment facilities Design, supply, installation and maintenance of *high voltage, *low voltage and *extra low voltage electrical systems, fire services systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems Design, supply and installation of plumbing and drainage systems “ * as defined in Electricity Ordinance Chapter 406 ”
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency