Shanghai Deson Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd(“Deson Decoration” or “Company”)a subsidiary of the Group, was established in Shanghai in April 1993 with 51% interest in Deson Decoration. In September 1999, the Group acquired a further 44% interest in Deson Deoration. The Company has been engaged in interior and exterior fitting-out works, renovation and design agency works, electrical and mechanical equipment installment, and has “Grade II Professional Construction, Renovation and Fitting-out Contractor Certificate” from the Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission.

In September 2014, Deson Decoration obtained” Grade III Professional Electrical and Mechanical Installation Engineering Contractor” from the Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission.

Since its inception, Deson Decoration has been an active participant in the China interior construction market, gradually evolving into a highly competitive contractor and management company.  Making good use of its advantages, the Company adopts state-of-the-art concepts and management models, together with fully computerised management to work on a wide range of projects such as hotels, offices, entertainment facilities, luxury villas and many others.  Some major ones include Prada store, various brand stores of Belle International Group, Xianlesi Shopping Plaza, Megafit Fitness Centre, various chain stores, Ernst & Young office, Parkview Business Hotel, interior decoration and renovation of Shanghai Lippo Centre and many other large and medium interior renovation and decoration projects, where the Company has shown distinguished work results, thus further enhancing its corporate image in the industry.