Beijing Change-de Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd (”Change-De” or “Company”)is an equity joint venture company together with a China state-owned enterprise, Beijing Construction Engineering Corporation and Deson Construction Engineering Limited of Hong Kong for carrying out interior design and construction business. Established in March 1990, the Company was one of the earliest joint ventures in Beijing’s construction and interior decoration sector. The Company has the following qualifications: “Grade I Professional Contractor of Construction and Renovation Works” and “Grade A Professional Interior Design”.

Since its establishment, Chang-De has completed a number of representative construction and interior decoration projects; for instance, Beijing New Century Hotel, Beijing Henderson Centre, Sogo Department Store, China International Electronics Commercial Building, Zhongguancun Chuangye Building and Beijing West Station. Recently, the Company has successfully completed Beijing Hilton Hotel, International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Science and Technology Plaza in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, New Era Hotel, Beijing G-Hotel as well as a number of other large-scale renovation, interior decoration and fitting-out projects. These project were praised by the clients for their exquisite finishing and quality and brought the Company an excellent reputation in the industry. In particular, China International Electronics Commercial Building and Ernst & Young Tower of the Oriental Plaza respectively won the 2001 and 2003 title of “Excellent Construction and Decoration Project in Beijing”, whilst Shanghai Shogo Department Store decoration project became the winner of the “2006 Jing An Cup” for exquisite decoration. Since 2002 untill now, Chang-De enjoys an excellent AAA credit rating. Besides, the Company received an accolade from Beijing Construction and Decoration Association as an “Advanced Enterprise”. Currently the total turnover of the Company’s projects exceeds one hundred million RMB per year.